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Investing in Real Estate? Here’s What You Need to Avoid

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Overnight success doesn’t exist in the world of real estate investing. Even the most seasoned investors will tell you that it took them years of trial and error before becoming true masters of their craft. And yes, they still commit mistakes now and then. But if you want to be successful at investing in real estate, it’s very important to avoid these common pitfalls that could hurt your goals pretty badly. 


  • Diving into something you know little about.

Whether it’s buying a piece of land from Avid Carolina or investing in a newly built property, it’s very important to do thorough research before diving into anything. The truth is, a good real estate investment doesn’t rely solely on a good location. You also need to consider a lot of different factors before you could dive into buying a property or land as an investment. Not doing enough research will not only put your money at risk for loss, but it could also jeopardise your entire investment portfolio.


  • Working on your own.

Sure, real estate investment is a lot like running a business where you are your boss. But it’s also no secret that you need to work with other people to be able to close deals fast and make transactions smoother. Seasoned real estate investors will tell you to build meaningful relationships with people within your network. You need to make sure that you tap into every useful resource that will help you make the right decisions with your investments. This should include a good lawyer, insurance representative and home inspector. 


  • Overpaying for an investment.

Here’s the thing: no property or land is ever too ideally located that it should be worth more than you can afford. It’s not hard to find overpriced properties in the market today. A lot of investors fall prey to these pricey investments just because they don’t research well or they’re easily convinced by smart marketing strategies. But if you are to make the most value for your investment, it’s very important to go through the nitty-gritty of each property first and compare prices to ensure that you’re not being ripped off your money. 


  • Getting poor funding

Financing is extremely valuable when you’re investing in real estate since you’re going to need a huge sum of money to purchase a piece of land or buy a newly built house. But it’s also a common mistake to go for loans that easily get you approved that have very high interest rates. Remember that it’s better to take your time in finding the right lender than jumping on an easy approval that will only make you spend more in the long run due to high interest.


Are you ready to get into real estate investing? Make sure to keep these things in mind so you can make smarter decisions with your investments. Although there are no overnight successes in real estate investing, you can reach your goals if you do things right. With enough research, you’ll be ready to dive in and get started soon enough!

The Best Suburbs to Live in NSW in 2021

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With all the changes that have already, and continue to impact our lives in 2021, many of us are looking for better places to live in. Thus, it’s no surprise that numerous Kiwis are circling various NSW suburbs, and seriously considering making the move.

But, not all suburbs are made the same, and with 658 in Sydney alone, narrowing your choices down can be quite the challenge. To help you out, we’ve created a list of the best NSW suburbs to live in in 2021. 


Dulwich Hill

Dulwich Hill exemplifies the very best that NSW suburbs have to offer. It’s small, low-key, and has all of the amenities and attractions you will ever need. The suburb truly exudes charm and features immaculate landscaping, parks, as well as well-kept and clean public spaces. It’s one of those places where you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy being one with the world around you. 

In Dulwich Hill the architecture is unique, the streets colourful, and the bars and cafes are a whole lot of fun. The suburb is also very well-connected, so you’ll always be only a short ride away from other great suburbs such as Marrickville, Ashfield and Petersham.

The only slight downside to Dulwich Hill is that it’s somewhat pricier than most. So, if your primary focus is finding affordable housing, it may not be the best fit.



Wyee is an incredibly charming little suburb that sits 8 kilometres from Morisset and 18 kilometres from Wyong. Thus, this suburb is close to many great amenities, shops, restaurants and cafes, and it comes with a train station. 

However, the best thing Wyee has going for it is miles of pristine nature, as well as clean beaches and water. The residents can often be seen taking long walks, making sure to enjoy the scenery around them, and stopping to smell the flowers along the way.

On the other hand, the most surprising thing about Wyee is that the real estate market has remained quite stable throughout its growth. So, rentals, homes, as well as house and land packages Wyee remain affordable for most. Not to mention, because properties are so fairly-priced, homeowners and investors can expect a high ROI on their properties.



What makes Putney special is the fact that it’s home to some of the most beautifully designed and well-kept parkland in NSW. Additionally, the suburb is compact, without being densely-built. So, you won’t have to walk for too long before stumbling upon a wonderful park or shops.

However, all of the residents still have ample room to breathe and grow, which is why it’s so attractive to many families. Additionally, Putney’s drinking and dining spots are very lively, and the residents go above and beyond to welcome newcomers. 

Putney is also home to some of the most impressive, beautifully-built real estate, which, in truth, will set you back a pretty penny. That being said, there are still a lot of more affordable options for those looking to call Putney their new home.


Final Thoughts

Truth be told, you won’t go wrong if you choose any of these NSW suburbs. Still, we hope we’ve helped you find one that perfectly fits your lifestyle, needs and budget.

Everything You to Know Before Purchasing a Home in Wyndham Vale

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Wyndham Vale has seen a lot of growth in recent years, both population and development-wise. Namely, new neighbourhoods are popping up all over the suburb, and many Kiwis are now flocking to the area.

So, it comes as no surprise that you’ve also been toying with this idea, and want to learn some additional info about the suburb. To help you make a good decision regarding your relocating to the area, we’ll tell you all you need to know about purchasing a home in Wyndham Vale.


Wyndham Vale 101


The Location

Wyndham Vale is located only 31 kilometres away from Melbourne’s CBD, making it a popular residence for many working professionals. Additionally, the suburb neighbours several larger suburbs, such as Truganina, Tarneit and Werribee, allowing residents to take advantage of their amenities. So, as far as the location is concerned, Wyndham Vale sits at the perfect place, as it allows for access to nature, as well as proximity to job opportunities and events.



Wyndham Vale offers plenty of amenities, for all types of people. If you’re a sport’s buff, you can enjoy the activities and the Wyndham Vale Sports Club. Here, all members of the community, from the young to the old can enjoy a good game of cricket. Additionally, there’s a football and a hockey club in the suburb.

Wyndham Vale also comes with some great schooling options, a prep year 12 school Manor Lakes, and the Wyndham Central College. So, it comes as no surprise that many families are looking to move to the area to facilitate better schooling for their children.


Purchasing a Home

Despite the fact that Wyndham Vale is already an established suburb, there’s still a lot of ongoing development. So, there are plenty of apartments available for rent, and homes for purchase.

Additionally, there are great house and land packages Wyndham Vale, which offer a quick and easy way of purchasing a home. These packages allow you to remove all of the guesswork out of the equation, and get a move-in ready house.

The greatest part of all of this is that there’s plenty of room for new residents to move in, and enjoy all that Wyndham Vale has to offer.


What to Expect from Wyndham Vale

Wyndham Vale allows you to live a well-connected life while allowing you ample space to breathe and grow. Because it’s so close to the Melbourne CBD, it’s home to a lot of professionals, especially those who are looking for a better work-life balance.

Additionally, thanks to great schools, well-kept parks, and plenty of fun activities, it’s perfect for families with children. Not to mention, house and land packages Wyndham Vale allow you to get the home of your dreams — without breaking the bank.


Final Thoughts

Wyndham Vale is a unique area, as it sits on the edge of being a suburb and a town. It comes with great amenities, and the price of real estate still hasn’t skyrocketed. So, if you’re thinking about purchasing a home here, we recommend making inquiries on time.

House and Land Complete Guide to Buying Property in Australia

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Buying property can be a stressful endeavour for a lot of people. It can be incredibly tedious to do, and most of us don’t even know if we’re looking for a property the right way. The nerve-wracking process of buying property isn’t unique to you either – it happens to all of us.

What you purchase is what you’re going to live in for years, if not decades! That means that you can’t go into this blind. Luckily, we’re here to help!

Let us show you everything you need to know about buying a house and land property in Australia!


Knowing House & Land Packages

House and land packages are the ideal options for new homeowners who are tight on a budget. Since the land and the home design are packaged up, the process is a lot simpler and cost-efficient!

There are two types of house and land packages that you can get from a Hillstowe officer:

  • A standard house and land package
  • Turnkey packages

Standard house and land packages allow you to build and fully customize your home at a later date. This grants you a lot more control of what you can do with the land you bought.

Turnkey packages offer you a full property that you can move into right away! You can literally just turn the key to the door and start living in the place that you choose. In both scenarios, the builder and developer will be working together on the construction of the home.


5 Steps To Buying a House and Land Package

So you’re convinced and want to get your hands on a house and land package, hold your horses! Here are some steps you should take for you to sweep through the process.


Do Your Research

This is the most crucial step when buying a house and land package. Understanding what you want and talking to a house and land officer, from the size to the features you can add to the home, will make the transition a lot easier. Checking out the location and picking one that has schools, public transportation, shops, and hospitals nearby is a no brainer.


Approach your Developer of Choice!

After doing your research, approach the developers of properties that you’ve taken an interest in and see which one is right for you. Compare costs, the build time for each one of your choices, and make sure to check for any hidden expenses in the contract.

Getting a financial adviser is a good idea here too!


Organize your Finances

After getting quotes from your builder, you can organize whether you’ll need a home loan or a land loan and construction loan. You can also go to a lender to get a pre-approval on how much you can borrow to help your budget!


Keep Track of the Build

You’ve chosen the design and the features you want to see in your house, but you still have to keep track of the progress. Things can be misinterpreted, and you should be there to make sure everything goes right!


Signing off & Moving in 

The final step is to sign off on legal documents and be prepared to move in. all the patience worked out, and now that the paperwork is out of the way, you can begin your new life in your


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