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The Best Suburbs to Live in NSW in 2021

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With all the changes that have already, and continue to impact our lives in 2021, many of us are looking for better places to live in. Thus, it’s no surprise that numerous Kiwis are circling various NSW suburbs, and seriously considering making the move.

But, not all suburbs are made the same, and with 658 in Sydney alone, narrowing your choices down can be quite the challenge. To help you out, we’ve created a list of the best NSW suburbs to live in in 2021. 


Dulwich Hill

Dulwich Hill exemplifies the very best that NSW suburbs have to offer. It’s small, low-key, and has all of the amenities and attractions you will ever need. The suburb truly exudes charm and features immaculate landscaping, parks, as well as well-kept and clean public spaces. It’s one of those places where you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy being one with the world around you. 

In Dulwich Hill the architecture is unique, the streets colourful, and the bars and cafes are a whole lot of fun. The suburb is also very well-connected, so you’ll always be only a short ride away from other great suburbs such as Marrickville, Ashfield and Petersham.

The only slight downside to Dulwich Hill is that it’s somewhat pricier than most. So, if your primary focus is finding affordable housing, it may not be the best fit.



Wyee is an incredibly charming little suburb that sits 8 kilometres from Morisset and 18 kilometres from Wyong. Thus, this suburb is close to many great amenities, shops, restaurants and cafes, and it comes with a train station. 

However, the best thing Wyee has going for it is miles of pristine nature, as well as clean beaches and water. The residents can often be seen taking long walks, making sure to enjoy the scenery around them, and stopping to smell the flowers along the way.

On the other hand, the most surprising thing about Wyee is that the real estate market has remained quite stable throughout its growth. So, rentals, homes, as well as house and land packages Wyee remain affordable for most. Not to mention, because properties are so fairly-priced, homeowners and investors can expect a high ROI on their properties.



What makes Putney special is the fact that it’s home to some of the most beautifully designed and well-kept parkland in NSW. Additionally, the suburb is compact, without being densely-built. So, you won’t have to walk for too long before stumbling upon a wonderful park or shops.

However, all of the residents still have ample room to breathe and grow, which is why it’s so attractive to many families. Additionally, Putney’s drinking and dining spots are very lively, and the residents go above and beyond to welcome newcomers. 

Putney is also home to some of the most impressive, beautifully-built real estate, which, in truth, will set you back a pretty penny. That being said, there are still a lot of more affordable options for those looking to call Putney their new home.


Final Thoughts

Truth be told, you won’t go wrong if you choose any of these NSW suburbs. Still, we hope we’ve helped you find one that perfectly fits your lifestyle, needs and budget.

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