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Top Three Best and Safest Ways to Teach Your Child to Swim

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In Australia, swimming is the most popular pass time activity and sport. So, it goes without saying that children should be taught how to do it properly, and more importantly — safely. But there’s been a long-lasting debate on then when and how parents should teach their children to swim.

To put this argument to bed, we’ll be listing the best, safest ways children can learn to swim. Additionally, we’ll talk about what age it’s best to start.


When Should You Start Teaching Them to Swim?

To avoid the fear of water, and reduce the risk of drowning, children ought to start taking lessons from a young age. There are programs for kids as young as three months, but these focus more on getting them comfortable with the new environment.

Keep in mind that these aren’t regular swimming lessons, as those aren’t advised for children under 12 months, because they can’t raise their heads above water.

However, most experts say that it’s safe for kids from 1-4 years of age to participate in lessons. It’s even advised that, within this age group, it’s best to start learning sooner rather than later. The biggest reason behind this is that children won’t develop a fear of water and will pick up the skill quicker.


Top Three Ways to Teach a Child to Swim


Parent-Child Playtime From a Young Age

While children under one year of age can’t partake in regular swimming lessons, they can enjoy the parent-child play time. These specialized classes allow infants to become more comfortable with water, and develop their motor skills from a young age. Not to mention, they allow you, as a parent, to deepen the bond with your kids, and have a special activity all to yourselves.

Swimming Lessons at a Public Centre or School

After the first year of your child’s life, you can enrol them in swimming lessons at a private school or a public learning centre. These programs teach kids to paddle and get around in the water, as well as how to be safe while swimming. The only issue with these types of lessons is if a group takes on a lot of students and doesn’t hire enough teachers per child.

Tip: To ensure your young ones are always safe, look for schools that hire CPR-certified teachers.

Private Swimming Lessons

If you have a pool in your yard, and kids eager to learn swimming — private lessons are the way to go. An instructor will come to your house and help your child, no matter how young or old they are, learn how to properly swim. They will also adjust the lessons to the needs of your child, and take an approach that best works for them.

Moreover, private swimming lessons Eastern Suburbs can help your children become more comfortable in the water, and learn key safety skills and procedures. As a result, your child will be comfortable with swimming, and you won’t have to worry as your kids explore the various swim spots in the Eastern Suburbs.


Final Thoughts

Teaching your child to swim is an exciting, sometimes nerve-racking part of their childhood. However, as long as you take proper precautions and seek professional help, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

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